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2 years ago

Passfeed College Dating App is Launched and Rapid Developed

Passfeed College Dating App is Launched and Rapid Developed

There is a long time for us to see subversive possible applications appeared on the relatively quiet mobile internet social netwkring market, the existing application is difficult to conter-attack facebook and other traditional social networking apps from function and experience. But now a new app released called Passfeed will let us again see such possibility.

Now Passfeed has already reach about 30 millions users since it online from 2013, the data is very surprised by the Internet industry.
The inerface of Passfeed college dating app  is very beautiful, now users can also experience a lot of new functions. Such as use location-based Nearby function, you can find new friends nearby through real-time distance measurement. And users can share their life, and show yourself to the world through Feed function, with Chat feature, users can timely contact with each other with instant text messages and voice messages.

So why Passfeed is popular in yong people? For example, through sign in with Facebook account, you can easy find friends, at the same, you can also invite friends from your original social networking. Passfeed do lot of work here  to help users quickly set up their relationship Passfeed chain. Another big plus, users can through Passfeed origanize parties in different topics,or even meet new friends and dating with him or she.
Passfeed has a lot of university users at the southern California.These college students including the school team star, abdominal muscle men, moncler, they like to use Passfeed to organize a variety of campus parties. Youth, hangover, hormones, and the air smelled of California characteristic "grass" is true of most Passfeed users!